The Apple iPad: Your On-Call Financial Assistant

Mon, Dec 08, 2014 at 11:30PM

The Apple iPad: Your On-Call Financial Assistant

The Apple iPad is a revolution in portable computing… whether you’re standing in an office, waiting at the airport for a plane, or sitting with a cup of coffee at Starbucks… it’s always available. They’re lightweight, convenient, and connected. It’s revolutionizing the medical industry for X-rays and patient charts… but have you thought about how revolutionary it is for your dental practice finances? It’s the reason we at RealTime CPAs include a free iPad with every customer account!

Here are four features of using the iPad to get to know your business finances in “RealTime”:

Proactive Advice In “RealTime” Video
Imagine having a business consultant on call via video conferencing at the press of button. Our “RealTime” proactive business and financial advice becomes even more powerful when combined with this useful feature. No more huddling over a desktop computer and jumbled phone cords… easy communication means faster answers to your important questions.

Complete Reports History
Our vision reports are a key in helping you effectively manage and improve your practice. With the iPad, you can access current and past reports easily… wherever your practice day finds you.  

Quick Access To Billing Information
Quick answers to client billing questions can help improve customer service and cash flow. With our iPad setup, you’re able to quickly access all client bills quickly and thoroughly no matter where you are in the office. You can even see scanned invoices.

Pre-Configured With No Setup
The iPads we give our customers are already preconfigured to have the proper apps and settings in place. No setup and no fuss. We train you so that the right information is at your fingertips.

Financial management used to be relegated to the outdated computer in a back office at your practice… but now amazing mobile technology changes all of that. Step into the modern world of “RealTime” financial management… and see your practice prosper!

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