Halloween Fun as a Dentist?

Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 5:40PM

At this time of year, with kids’ excitement for Halloween (and Halloween candy!) growing greater every day, it can be hard to promote your office while sticking to your role as an advocate for healthy teeth. But just because Halloween is coming up, doesn’t mean you and your practice can’t get in on the fun in your own way. Today, we will be discussing a few easy ways you can promote your practice for Halloween… in a way that supports healthy teeth and gums!

Participate in a Candy Buyback program.

If you haven’t heard of the Candy Buyback program for dentists yet, you very well might! This program is a great way for dentists to promote their practice, share the importance of healthy choices, and give back to soldiers overseas… all at once. 

How does this work? After the holiday, you invite patients and their families to bring in their unopened Halloween candy hauls—and if you’re a parent, you know these hauls can be massive! Offer something in return for each pound of candy you accept, like a dollar bill combined with a meal coupon, toothbrush, or small goodie bag (you can reach out to the community for sponsorship help). Your patient will walk away with a small gift, and you’ll be able to hand off the candy to Halloween Candy Buyback who will ship the candy overseas so that soldiers can enjoy a sweet treat while away from home. 

Offer yummy alternatives.

Lots of places will hand out candy throughout the year, especially at Halloween. As a dentist, you might not feel right doing that, and that’s okay! There are dozens of other options you can choose from to provide patients with a tasty treat without taking in too much sugar. Granola bars, trail mix and the classic favorite Halloween pretzel bags will be received just as well by your young guests.

Make your own goodie bags.

Looking for something substantial to send your patients home with? A small goodie bag doesn’t have to cost much, and can leave a great impression on your younger patients—and, of course, their parents! Pick up Halloween-themed bags from the store and fill them with toothbrushes, word games, healthy recipes… whatever you see fit. Everyone likes gifts, no matter how small, so send them home with something they’ll remember you for!

Host a Halloween party.

An in-house Halloween party is a great way to promote your practice, while also helping to calm down and relax sometimes nervous patients. You can host your party the day or two before Halloween, and invite your patients to bring their kids for Halloween music, coloring, and a chance to dress up in a fun costume while getting their teeth cleaned (no face masks, of course!). At the party, you can also give parents healthy recipes and ideas to try at home. 

We know that, as a dentist, you want to make your office feel as comfortable and inviting as possible, and celebrating this holiday in a kid-friendly way is a great way to do just that.


Halloween Fun as a Dentist?

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