Need an Attorney and CPA in Florida

Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 12:15PM

  • Need an Attorney and CPA in Florida

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I am going to buy an existing practice in Florida and would like to hire an experienced attorney to represent me in the transaction and make sure everything is fine. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.
Also if you guys know a good dental CPA?



I don't know if you've heard the joke of the Florida State Trooper and the young kid in his Daddy's corvette?  Well the young kid goes whizzing by the old Trooper well over 100mph and he police officer finally catches up to him and pulls him over.  The old State Trooper gets out of his car and adjusts his belt and slowly walks to the young kids car.  He puts his hands on the window ledge and leans down to the young kids eye level and says in his best southern drawl "Boy, I've been waiting for you all day."  and the young kid replies "Well. I got here as fast as I could."

I'm reminded of that joke as I see your post dated 2012 and it now being a couple months away from 2015.  We are new to DentalTown and are very happy to only serve the dental community.  While it took us awhile to find you, we got here as fast as we could.  If you are still looking for a CPA to talk with we would love the opportunity to talk about how the last couple years have gone for you and your practice.

Hope this message finds you well.

Eric DeVriese, CPA
Trusted Business Advisor
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