The growth of a dental practice involves maximizing efficiency across all processes, tracking the activity and adjusting accordingly, then replicating. Guaranteeing these factors are performing optimally, creates steady sustainable growth throughout the life of your practice. It can also allow opportunity for expansion or build the foundation for franchise development. Our job is to analyze efficiency data and create actionable moves to streamline processes such as:

  • Acquiring new business
  • Acquiring new employees
  • Acquiring new practices
  • Acquiring Investors
  • and more..
Health Insurance for your dental practice:

Understanding Health insurance and Health Savings Accounts (H.S.A.s)

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“Real Time CPAs has been amazing! Like their name implies you will know what's going on in RealTime with your accounting. Their Dental CFO package makes them, an accountant, financial advisor, and dental consultant all in one! They are the complete package!”
Dr. Jon Miller

Dr. Jon Miller

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