Why Did We Create RealTime CPAs?

The new CPA firm

Introducing RealTime CPAs.  We have created a one of a kind CPA firm that provides you with a Trusted Business Advisor that specializes in your industry.  Your CPA Trusted Business Advisor will know your clients, know what you do and how you do it.  They will attend your trade shows and know your financial benchmarks and talk to you about what your peers are doing.  Your CPA Trusted Business Advisor will work with you monthly to prepare your bank reconciliations, run your payroll, meet with you to review your current financials and management reports that tell you where you are and where you need to be, comparing your company to industry and against your local peers.  Your CPA Trusted Business Advisor will also be available for weekly phone calls to discuss your current questions and we do all of this for one fixed price.  We have seen the future and are convinced this is the new way.  Let me show you how.

Technology is changing our world. The way we learn, the way we shop, the way we buy, the way we are entertained.

If you want to know who the fourth president of the United States was what do you do? Most likely you would Google it on your phone. If you want to buy a TV what do you do? You probably go online to compare models, read some reviews and then shop for the best price. What if you want to watch a movie? You may download it from Netflix and watch it whenever you want. The world has become a RealTime time world with amazing results a few key strokes away. Could you imagine not using the internet?

We ask, why should your business be any different?

Today your accounting software should be online, we believe there is no comparison that the cloud is better than a desktop, it changes everything. It is a complete game changer in many facets. Every night your software should call your bank and automatically update all your cash deposits, all the cleared checks, all your EFTs and all your debit card transactions. What if your accounting software could have real time data?

What if you could monitor your back office remotely from any of your personal devices?

When your office is hosted in the cloud you can approve payroll from any location. Approve checks from anywhere. Have a paperless vendor file. Have access to your true bank account balances, which include all the outstanding checks not yet cleared. Look at any check written or any expense incurred in full detail. View RealTime reports whenever you’re ready wherever you are. Talk with your CPA about live data that both of you can see at the same time. Even remind clients of outstanding bills, electronically with a push of a button and have them pay directly via the email reminder you just sent. Why wouldn’t you run your business the way you live your life?

Live data sets you free.

It opens the door for meaningful conversations with your Trusted Business Advisor. You should have a CPA as your trusted business advisor that will take your business to the cloud, help find and fix the financial weaknesses and then work with you to grow your company. Your CPA should be talking with you throughout the year, not just once a year at tax time. Your CPA should be advising you on an ongoing basis to discuss your business strategies and help you achieve your goals. They should be doing all of this for one fixed price and not a big bill at the end of the year, but a smaller weekly payment stream that is both affordable and easy on cash flow with no hidden fees or unknown costs.

We believe that this is what a CPA firm should look like and we believe that we have created a new way to do business that will help many individuals envision and shape their financial future.

And that is what makes our CPA firm so amazing.